Revisiting a Vacationing Mind

Wielding my trusty Rocketbook Mini while sipping on fruity beverages, reading through "The Art of Non-Conformaity" and occassionaly jumping in the water for a dip, I came up with five pages - small pages - of chicken scratch trying to figure out what I want to do next. I had just finished reading "F**k It, Do What You Love" and was nearing completion of "The Art of Non-Conformaity". I needed to write down my brain.

This is what I came up with...

Five mini pages of raw notes!

Let me throw this into a table...

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5
Make a Masters Microbrewery "Make a Masters" "Living Canada by/for Canadians" "Make a Masters"
Custom Watches Custom Wine Cellar System Objective Based Outcomes
- 3 Key Objectives
- Quarterly Objectives
- Weekly Objectives
Preface Build MVP ---> including:
- Description
- Requirements
-Links to people partaking(me)
- Donation
- Sample (Sean's)
Custom Hats Music! Major/Minors
-> Lateral Helpful Skills
-> General knowledge, languages, marketing
Intro -> Not exclusively for Canadians Buy Domain
Hostel Radio Station Online 5-6 Daily Checklist Children Share Publicly
-> Mastodon
Hostel Management System Buying/Selling - eBay, Amazon, Kijiji, Facebook, etc. 1 Weekly Report Teens
Open Source Development OSAR, First Aid / Search and Rescue 1 Quarterly Assesment -> Re-Assessment As Adults
Blogging / Writing Self Sufficiency 1 Outcome Based Thesis As New Canadians
Automation of Systems Re-evaluate What is a "Masters" "Mini-USA"
Traveling Prioritize Use of Time This is designed to be a lifestyle change Family Trips
DIY Minimize waste of time Additional Key Requirements
-> Travel component, language?, news?, networking?
Hostel Directory Focus on low cost, high margin Mission Statement, why? Volunteering
Automated Gardening System "Legacy" projects take time Address Potential Objectives How to see
Version Management System Consistent output Saca Sugar Wombat Cat? (I actually don't know what I wrote here it's smudged) Environment
Canada by/for Canadians Book Trust Global Warming
Micro Startup AI Generator Accountability Where to go
Border Collie Adventure Bot Balance, Healthy lifestyle What to do
MinMax Declutter -> refine possessions Sights
RFID Jukebox Donate, sell, etc. Thkning Canadian
Mame Arcade Stats
WeWork Startup Hub Where do I live?
Adult Entertainment, IE. Escape Room with Bar What I don't know?
- Will Canada always be home?
-What it takes to be Canadian
Automated Trading <-- Statistics Betting Analyzer

Now, let's put these into categories.

Let's start by setting some definitions. We have the "things" and the left over "traits". "Things" are items that fall into the above categories. IE. "Donate, and Sell" is a "Business Thing", "Mame Arcade" is a "Technology Thing" and "Self Sufficiency" is a "Lifestyle Thing". The remaining "traits" make up who I am (or who I will need to become) as a person.

If we remove all the "things" and focus on traits that were listed in notes (recognize Page 4 topics are mostly chapters for a book):

Consistent Output

As a person, who would much rather do tweleve hours of work at once, instead of one hour of work twelve times, this has to be a prime area of focus. Most "things" don't happen over night. Any of the "things" list above don't happen over night. They are slow burns, "the long game" and will require long term dedication. Focus on small wins and breaking tasks up into small, achievable chunks. Remain Consistent.


Have trust in yourself. Understand your own decisions and make them. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. I almost want to put honourable in here as well, or even faith. It really comes down to believing to a degree.


If you say you are going to deliver, do it. There are excuses around every corner, don't let them get in the way. Just becuase you are on vacation doesn't mean you can't write if you want to. How long do you have for lunch versus how long does it take you to eat. You are your own worst enemy and you can be your own best friend. Deliver.


Clean up possessions, Clean up tasks, Clean up everything. I am notorious for collecting technology bits. Do I have a need for them all? Is it really a collection? Or am I just making excuses? Find a purpose for something, or get rid of it.

Prioritize Use of Time

Complimenting Decluttering, declutter your calendar. Prioritize your time. People need breaks, so take them. You also need to work to achieve your goals. If you don't have time, but, have money outsource. If you have no money, but, have time, figure out a way to do the task at hand. Time is literally money.


Who you are. This is important for a million reasons. You represent everything you touch. Do you sell a product? Is the business yours? Is that your face on your social media account? Do a good job and if you don't make sure you own it. People who buy at small business, buy from the people. People like service and people like sticking with who they know.

What Does This All Mean?

We all have our "things"; heck even call them goals. It's what we are striving for. To some people this may just be a job, or starting a new career, or changing careers, we all want some "thing". The issues comes down to what we choose to do to achieve these goals.

I am not a writer, but, here I am writing. I may not be great at business, but, I sell software for a living. What skills do I have and what traits do I need to improve to deliver on my "things". How do I take the next steps to achiever my goals, it's by constantly improving and recognizing where I need to improve.

Thanks for reading! Would love to hear your thoughts.

Day 2 of #100DaysToOffload