A Year of Links; An Awful Way to Store Them!...?

For the past year or so, I have been sending myself messages via my matrix server (contact me via matrix).

These are some of the links and what they contain. I hope they are some inspiration for anyone reading. These are also a little taste into the type of 'things' I am interested in.

I also redacted any sort of notes that were non-links. A bunch of movies, shows, books, pictures, GitHub Issues and hand drawn notes were amongst the findings.

Other interesting finds, are a picture of Chloe as a puppy and a video of family karaoke time.

Link Description
CryptPad Roadmap The public roadmap for CryptPad, a "collaborative office suite that is end-to-end encrypted and open-source". I self host it and love it greatly!
LinkedIn Post on AI Back in the days of when ChatGPT started. Interesting place for AI in May 2023
Mastodon and Self-Hosting A great post by Mark Loveless on Mastodon and self hosting.
The Hidden Dangers of the Decentralized Web Wired article on the "dangers of the decentralized web". An interesting take.
FediDB Fediverse Network Statistics
Generating income from open source A great article on the business aspect of open source and how to be succesful.
Dear Open Source: let’s do a better job of asking for money Another article on business modeling for open source.
Unofficial Subreddit Migration List (Lemmy, Kbin) A list for the great reddit migration.
AppSec Map Neat visualization for the AppSec industry.
https://scicomm.xyz/@quokka/110607002918560251 Mastodon post around coversations with Meta entering the Fediverse
Kingdom Two Crowns A game I now own and have never played. It must have been good if I bought it!
GoToSocial Repo AGoToSocial, federated software that I was interested at one point! Basically privacy focused Twitter/Tumblr implemented in Go.
Akash Rajpurohit's Blog Akash Rajpurohit's Blog
Schema.org BlogPosting Me learning about SEO and trying to build out appropriate blog posts!
PicoCTF Free Cybersecurity CTF/Education resources.
https://endoflife.date/ The End of Life dates for a variety of software.
Recreation and Sport Studies Debated furthering my education on in Recreation and Sports Studies.
Cobizi Tent Went camping, saw someone with this, fell in love. True romance story.
GLOBAL CONTACT LIST OF MODDERS Watch Modders if you are interesting in getting a watch modded. I was interested in potentially being on that list.
Look ma, no React! Why I recoded my portfolio site with vanilla everything Blog Post on building basic portfolio site.
The Inspired Unemployed, Day on the Green Probably the funniest instagram reel ever created.
Building your first Seiko MOD? (Learn from my Mistakes) Two hour YoutTube video of a watch mod. Great video for learning.
Bergeron Amazon.ca Non-referal link, top brand for watch tools purchased via Amazon Canada
OOO Watches - Cosmopolitan Interesting watch for inspiration.
Zoom Fatigue Unpacked: Understanding and Overcoming Virtual Exhaustion On the average day I sit on zoom for five to seven hours. Important information for any remote worker.
Dan the Salmon, About Page Great inspiration for an about page.
Automated Hydroponics Garden Tower with LED Lights Love the mixture of self sufficiency and technology.
Oh My Git! An open source game about learning Git!
Find a Free Little Art Gallery! Love the concept. Would love to build one some day. Same with the little libraries!
marketsontario.ca Small, local, markets for artisans.
King of the North Auctions Yes, everyone wants to sell Amazon pallets.
Marc Lou Marc Lou's portfolio. He has great detail around starting his own micro start ups solo.
Leading a Team of Senior Engineers Great article around technical leadership.
Practical Deep Learning for Coders "A free course designed for people with some coding experience, who want to learn how to apply deep learning and machine learning to practical problems."
HuggingFace NLP Course "This course will teach you about natural language processing (NLP) using libraries from the Hugging Face ecosystem — 🤗 Transformers, 🤗 Datasets, 🤗 Tokenizers, and 🤗 Accelerate — as well as the Hugging Face Hub. It’s completely free and without ads."
Frigate Open Source NVR.
M.2 Accelerator A+E key AI Processor? I don't know, but, I want to.
lancache.net Local Cache for LAN Parties! LAN parties aren't dead!
My solopreneur story: $0 to $65,000/month in 2 years A post by Marc Lou, again, great to the point information.
Framework - List of company or individually driven projects Bought a Framework Laptop, love the projects associated with it.
Improving Mastodon’s disk usage Hit some disk space limitations, this article helped.
Owning My Own Social Mike Sass' post about creating a solo mastodon instance.
Plandex AI An open source, terminal-based AI coding engine for complex tasks.
Evan Boehs A personal site for inspiration.
OpenRCT 2 Open Source Roller Coaster Tycoon 2!
Pinball Map An open source, crowd sourced worldwide map of public pinball machines.
ID Shop My newest place to buy CDs!
selfh.st A great directory for self hosted apps.
AllNet Sata Hat for RPi 4 I see a project in my future...

Now, I don't have to scroll through my random matrix channel to find all these links.

I hope you enjoy these links! Tons of topics, tons of projects, as well as great information. Let me know what you think!

Day 1 of #100DaysToOffload