My First Inventory Score

I started off with posting my own possesssions; some old DVDs that have been sitting under the couch in a plastic bin. This would be the most profitable strategy if I consider them to have zero monetary value being in my own house, however, not a sustainable one (nor, actually profitable).

Let's Pivot to the Business Goal

Easy, to make money. I am not looking to become a millionaire. I am looking for a sustainable way - that is fun - to make hobby money and expand my collection of media; specifically my CDs. This will be a side hustle, a learning experience and a whole lot of fun. So far, it has completely been a money suck with zero return on investment. I can't wait for the first sale!

Back to the Goods

I will add a picture here!

The first aquired inventory, two boxes of boxes amassing a total of 152 individual discs in total at a cost of $75 CAD from a lovely lady named Karen. The best part is, I am not even going to sell them all. The taste of Karen is very close to my own. I will be expanding my collection, selling duplicates and hopefully even migating the cost through some sales. What does that math look like.

Reaching a Profit

Currently, I am posting my old DVDs on eBay to try and learn the process. The goal with these CDs is to sell them via the store (that doesn't exist yet - a post will come soon) In order to understand the cost, I am limiting the target market, intentionally.

The Cost Breakdown

For this batch specifically this is what the cost looklike without any sort of platform or advertizing cuts; hence the need for a personal store. Here are the material costs:

Therefore, each CD will have to be sold, online, through a market for at least $2.93 to $4.18, plus whatever market fees!

How to Lower Costs

Long term, I will need to find a better solution to lower the costs here to maximize profit. The margins are most likely going to be very small, so the focus has to be on experience and volume - or well, targetting high end pieces (IE. Demo tracks, limited edition releases, etc.). How do I cut costs?

The Outlook

The focus now is getting that first sale. This will most likely be a money pit - not a crazy upfront cost - to start, but, should bring in some small funds and help clean up the hous a bit!

Not only that, a fun way to learn a bunch of new skills. Online marketing? SEO? Online Sales? Auction site? Buying/Selling Online. As someone who works in cyber security sales, this is a whole new ball game. Do I go to flea markets? Garage sales? Other places? The possibilities...