So, I started a Business!

As I began to clear out some of my old computer parts, I realized I have a love for trading off goods. I already knew I had a love for collecting CDs. Let's mix them together; to start.

Seanland Entertainment

I slowly went down a dark hole. I can have store front, one escape room, themed events, a hacker space, patreon for live streams, the list goes on. I did stick on the name Seanland Entertainment; basic, functional with room for expansion on activities.

The current state of the studio!

Where did I start with the business?

Total cost, just under $1000 CAD.

Where do I start with the product?

Easy, my own collection. I have a bunch of DVDs I want to get rid of. I will then source lots of CDs from different mediums (Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Garage Sales, Talize, etc.). The products are going to be limited to two envelope sizes, the "CD size" and the "DVD size". If it is a piece of entertainment that can fit into either size, we are golden to sell.

What's next?!

I want to build an inventory system. This is where some of my other interests and skills come in. Beyond that, it would be nice to have a standalone store front to direct customers to. The fees on some of these platforms are fairly high considering the price of some used discs. My goal is not necessarily to raise prices, but, lower costs while building a following of sorts. Collectors are an interesting group of individuals and most definitely a community.

Website coming soon!