Digitizing Your Life

As a person who has grown up with the evolution of computers there are numerous "traditional" tasks I continue to cling onto. As an example, notetaking, I need to write down my notes, typing does not provide me with the same content retention. The process of writing the words engages my brain in a different way to typing. Let's start here.


As stated, I must write my notes down. Typing is an ineffective method of increasing my knowledge. Also, while notetaking points can simply evolve into concepts or mind bubbles. How many times have you been taking notes and started adding arrows or bubbles in order to highlight the importance. I do it all the time.

It is also way easier to flip through digital files versus paper files; as long as they are labelled properly. Using my RocketBook, I title my pages starting with the date, then adding the topic where it is a project, person or company. I take my notes, then I sent the file to the appropriate destination, whether it an email address or to be stored in a project folder somewhere.

This obviously give you better retention on the file as you can just make digital photocopies as often as you'd like. Save space, the environment and get your thoughts organized, evolve the way you take notes!


I have begun trying to expand my capabilites as a homebrewer. I recently made my own recipe from scratch. It was for a German Pilsner. It would have not been possible without using Beersmith. This application has given me the ability to perform an old art in a simple, automated fashion. It can complete all the calculations based on my equipment and ingredients to provide an estimated result.

I can record the results and compare the goods and the bads from various brew days; all in one centralized location. No more rummaging through recipes, notes and chicken scratch. On top of that the oppourtunity to have the result of a beer concept!


I love CDs. To this day, I continue to expand my CD collection. Yes, in the age of digital music I still want to have a physical copy of the disc. This is definitely not practical if I am looking to go on an extended trip while listening to multiple albums or even a mix of songs. Fact: I still keep at least five albums in my car at any given time.

Using Exact Audio Copy, I rip every single one of my CDs to FLAC. Those files are then sent to two separate places. They are both sent to my Fiio X5 and reconverted for my seanland-radio; more details here. So, I can listen to my music in three ways physical CD, portable device or via an internet connection. All provide their own experience. Just depends how I feel.

Find New Ways To Go Digital

There are digial niche products being produced all the time. Whether it is tracking habits in the form of an RPG or joining a community of like minded digital nomads, every day there are new ways of taking a new step into the digital world. Find an experience you want to improve, see if there is a newer, modern way of doing it!