Announcing Most Hosts

January is over. 2020 is already 1/12th of the way done. So far, I have been very proud of my accomplishments. I have done a lot! A lot, in a lot of different aspects of my life. This includes reading (though I wish I had done more), homebrewing (MEAD!) and development!

Speaking of develpment, I would like to introduce Most Hosts.

Most Hosts Details

Most Hosts, a desktop application used to quicky configure your local hostfile.

It is a simple application and a great solo development project. It is currently being written in javascript using NodeJS and Electron. All around I expect this to be a great learning experience in both development and online business.


I hope to release a basic product sooner rather than later. It will contain very basic functionality, such as the follow:

Completing the listed functionality will finish version 0.0.1. This is when the product will be released to the world for alpha / beta testing.

I will start with testing 0.0.1 as linux only, then port it to Windows / Mac.


The marketing strategy is simple, word of mouth. I will post it on twitter and reddit and see where it goes. I will be sharing updates as I add them in hopes of growing a following.

Testing and Sales

Along with the marketing I hope the testing will take care of itself. I plan to offer free copies to X number of people that are willing to provide feedback in various forms. Still undecided exactly how, but this will be the way.

Once testing is complete enough I will be releasing the product - while creating a landing page - selling it for probably $5 USD. Debating purchasing a domain, but probably will not, just to cut costs and build a personal brand.

Working on the Reading

I currently have three books on the go, with a fourth I carry around incase I want to change it up (I know three is probably enough to "change it up"). They of various lengths and content intensity.

One is a book on Adventures, one is a technical sales book focused towards career develop and the final book is "I was a Teenage Katima-Victim". The fourth carry-around book is a reference-like book on secret societies.

Making a Mead

My first mead is currently fermenting. It was placed the primary January 20, 2020. It is a 1 gallon batch of basic mead made with clementine and raisins. I will be transferring it to a secondary sometime this month. I will probably be starting a second and third batch around that time, or maybe even back to a beer.

Travel Plans

Two work trips and one vacation / volunteer trip are in the works. I will be travelling to Dallas in both February and March. I will also be heading to Africa, specifically Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti for an undecided amount of time. That trips looks to be happening Q1 2021, the planning and saving have started now.

Old Project Back to Life!

The unesco-tracker has been released into the wild. It is also a work in progress. The 0.0.1 release. There are issues, but, it does the basic job. It lists the sites, it lists the visits and it shows the pictures! If you want to make your own site or help out check out the source.

I still have to work on a few other projects to bring to life prior to year end. We will see what happens...